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Website and Digital Advertising Agency


Not Just Another
Web Designer

At Hynen Media we design websites and brands, optimize websites for search engines, social media, and utilize advanced tools to bring your website to life and drive traffic to you! Our end goal is to bring you new customers. 

Whether you have design collateral from a graphic designer or are still using a Vista Print logo with free business cards, you are making an impression.  And if you need a new look or just someone who knows how to use those logo files your designer gave you, talk to us.  Good branding is like doing business with an old friend.  No one doubts what they will get from a bottle of Coca-cola.  The colors, the bottle shape, the logo are familiar and consistent.  Customers like that.  Allow them to trust you with good design.


Web Design

We research your business, desired customers, and competition to create a design and content that will increase the number of clients finding and coming to you and your services. 


Want your own awesome site?


seo orsearch engine optimization in alaska and hawaii
SEO = Search Engine Optimization


Google, Yahoo, Bing are search engines.  They have ingenious algorithms that bring back just the right page for the search a customer has entered.   You want your business to be on the first page and, even better, at the top of the list!


Amazing website design that pushes for good content, small file sizes for better loading times, and keeping up with the ever-changing search algorithms.

Increase your chances of being number one for your market by putting our knowledge to use with this add on feature.

social media manager and google adwordsin alaska and hawaii
Social Media and
Google Ads 

We can set up your business on any social media ap including Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, Pinterest.  This is a page intended for marketing and is separate from your personal page.

We can even teach you how to make new ads and change and add new content. 

Google is the number one search engine, email provider, and global map.   You want to be on top of this search engine hands down!  Adwords and Analytics will vastly increase your chances.  These are available to any website for a fee through Google, but they take time and knowledge to wield them properly. 

Adwords are ads in Google on the top and on the side of the screen in any search.  You can pay per click or per view, rotate copy, enter positive and negative keywords, and chart your marketing progress for better future advertising.  

logo designin hawaii and alaska

Logo's are your company's identity and proof to a customer that you are established.  It is like driving without a license.  Even if you have been driving for years, it is hard to prove it to a cop without one.


Prove that you are a reputable establishment with your logo and website... how else can a customer identify and trust you?


Have a weak logo identity or don't have one at all? 
We've got your back!
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